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Elite Football Academy - Terms & Conditions

Academy Terms & Conditions: 

  1. Elite Football Academy (EFA (UK) Ltd) reserve the right to refuse applications from persons we feel will jeopardise the integrity of our Development courses & to remove distruptive or abusive players at their disgression. 

  2. Players registered will remain on the course until completion, any players wishing to leave during a course will receive no refunds of monies paid and will be responsible for their own transport home. 

  3. All players registered with Elite Football Academy are accountable for their behaviour and conduct. Any abuse (physical or verbal) against members of the public, staff or other players will be treated with ZERO tolerance and will result in the immediate removal from  Elite Football Academy.  You will also be responsible for any travel arrangements away from the venue/s and or accommodation. 

  4. Players who are provided with accommodation with Elite Football Academy will follow any code of conduct or in-house guidelines and procedures that are laid down. Bad, abusive or violent behaviour against any persons within the accommodation shall result in immediate removal. 

  5. All players must be prompt for sessions as stated in the course timetable, transport will be scheduled on time and will not wait for players who are late. Lateness/absence from sessions will result in the individual player missing the session and will be responsible for their own travel to the venue, please note (except with mitigating circumstances) lateness/absence will be recorded and noted on your final evaluation. 

  6. All Academy players will receive a training/playing kit/bibs (with squad numbers) and tracksuite, these remain the property of the Academy throughout the time you are registered and must be handed in for inspection at anytime (without notice), cleaning and maintenance of these items are solely your responsibility, although general wear and tear is expected, damage/loss or neglect of any item will result in a fee being charged to the player to replace the article. 

  7. All players will have allocated ‘free time’ per week, during this time players are free to participate in activities of their own choice. 

  8. Elite Football Academy take your security and safety very seriously, ensuring we create the best environment for you to achieve your football and academic goals. Elite Football Academy ensure the safety of all players while at our training facilities and accommodation, we cannot ensure player safety outside these premises and players are urged to practise caution and self awareness to keep themselves safe. 

  9. To ensure your arrival at the academy is as smooth as possible, we also offer to arrange travel from the airport when you arrive in the UK.

  10. Purchases & Refund Policy / Cancellation: If for any reason you need to cancel your booking, you can do so free of charge so long as the cancellation is received by email no later than 30 days before your course start date. Your booking can be moved to the next available course with no additional fee or charges. Under no circumstances are refunds made. Failure to notify us of any changes to your prior this 30 day notice period will incur additional charges. We cannot guarantee that y spaces will available on the next course if cancellation takes place within the 30 days prior to your course start date. This does not affect your statutory rights. For this very reason, you are advised to apply for your visa promptly and directly with your local British Embassy if applicable, and do so in person wherever possible. We would prefer you not to make payments until you are certain you will be attending, as monies cannot be returned or refunded.

  11. All purchases are made in British pounds and all goods and services advertised on this website are fully inclusive of duty and VAT (where applicable), and is the final price that will be billed. business invoices are available upon request.

Living in the UK:

EU/EEA Nationals
European Community law gives EU/EEA nationals the right to live and work in the UK or Spain. There are no restrictions on employment or study. If you want confirmation of your right of residence in the UK you can apply for a Registration Certificate. However, there is no requirement for EU/EEA nationals living in the UK.

Sports Visitor Visas - Max 6 Months
Most international players coming to the UK for less than 6 months are admitted to the UK on a sports visa. This is usually valid until the completion of the trials or up to 6 months. To obtain a sports visa, you will need to contact your nearest British Embassy, Consulate, or High Commission to make an appointment and complete the application form provided by us, along with our acceptance letters with you.

We can provide specialist visa application service to all Non EU/EEA. See below for advice on immigration and visas.

Immigration control in the UK affects everyone who is not a British. The Home Office is the Government department responsible for determining UK immigration policy. Particular rules apply to students who are EU/EEA and Non EU/EEA nationals.
The following link explains this in more detail:

Please note: The English FA have certain rules regarding clearance for International players which may affect players being eligible to play in certain competitions. we would always suggest you are a "free agent" before attending our courses to avoid any unneccessary problems at a later date.


** The items on this website including gym membership, live matches, activities are at the descretion of the staff at are subject to change without prior warning or notice. EFA reserve the right to make alterations to the programme at any time.

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